Safety Section 1Advantage NRG takes its health and safety responsibilities seriously. It is our aim to ensure safety is one of the important elements at the core of our business. It is embedded into everything we do when delivering our services efficiently and to the expected levels of quality.

Our systems ensure safety is managed proactively with our employees' involvement at the heart of all our initiatives.

We have been incident free since early 2023, we achieve these results through proactive initiatives, employee engagement, enhanced supervisory support and management visits. It is our aim to remain this way through sensible management of works and by driving a positive safety culture with all our employees.

When working for Advantage NRG we expect all our employees to adhere to all approved methods of work and adopt all safety measures required to deliver work incident free.

Our SHEQ culture is embedded from the onset when joining Advantage NRG, through our initial onboarding and training programmes. Employees are then set to work in teams with the necessary authorisations and enrolled into the company's site competency and development programmes.

All the essential equipment needed is provided to enable safe delivery of works including required training in its use. Teams are structured to ensure the right level of supervision is provided at all times to all members. Supervisors and Management also conduct regular sensible monitoring visits over all of our projects
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Safety leadership from Advantage NRG Management. General Manager Peter Dolan and Health and Safety Manager Steve Smith delivering work with one of our teams in 2019.

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