Project 3 - LT61

Advantage-NRG have played a major role in the LT61 line project which has been the construction of 61 "L8 design" transmission towers covering approximately 17km, much of which is across hostile peat land, 200 meters above sea level, exposure to the prevailing Westerlies is very much the norm here and conditions can become quite bleak. The line route runs from Lairg Substation to the new Loch Buidhe substation. Our teams have been involved with all aspects of the project; from tower assembly and erection, to stringing new lines. 

New line stringing has involved installing running blocks to the insulators on all of the towers and manually hauling ropes through each span, so that braided bonds can be pulled through prior to tension stringing. This is very labour intensive and each gang must ensure the braided bonds are free to pull through the blocks. Working access platforms have been utilised as a means of access on the angle tension towers which is unusual for 132kv single bundle conductors. 

OPGW earth wire runs through all spans along with the phase conductors. 

Line voltage will be 132kv eventually when all work is complete, large diameter Araucaria conductor which has a diameter of 37.3mm.

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