Meet The Team

Meet our exceptionally talented Management and Office Team...

Nick Adams

Managing Director of Advantage NRG

nick 1

I am Nick, commonly known as 'Boss Nick.’ I am the proud father of the Advantage NRG family. As the Managing Director, I have the privilege of nurturing the strategic development and robustness of our company, ensuring its standing within the industry. While the daily requirements of our business are crucial, my foremost responsibility lies in the well-being and individual professional growth of each member of our esteemed NRG Team.

Recognising that our amazing team is the foundation of our success, I prioritise their safety and welfare above all else. I firmly believe that without their dedication and talent, none of our accomplishments would be possible. Hence, I am committed to creating an environment that fosters personal and professional growth, enabling every individual to thrive and reach their fullest potential. With a wealth of experience in managing and leading teams, I am adept at formulating strategies that drive business growth. I continuously strive to optimise our processes and enhance our operational efficiency, ensuring that Advantage NRG remains at the forefront of the industry.

Peter Dolan

General Manager


I am Peter, the General Manager for Advantage NRG. My journey with the Company began in 2012, when I started as a linesworker with a very small Team. Since then, I have had the privilege of watching NRG grow to over 100 employees.

I am responsible for working closely with our esteemed clientele, ensuring their satisfaction and meeting their unique needs. I also oversee the deployment of projects, closely monitoring their progression and ensuring their successful completion.  Throughout my career, I have cultivated a passion for delivering exceptional results, while maintaining a strong focus on customer satisfaction. I take great pride in my ability to efficiently manage projects and teams, consistently exceeding expectations.

Marcus White

Commercial Manager


I am Marcus, I am the dedicated Commercial Manager for Advantage NRG. 

with a proven track record of success. Since joining Advantage NRG in 2017, I have steadily climbed the corporate ladder, transitioning from the role of Operations Manager to my current position as Commercial Manager. I have a proven track record of success, and have an innate ability to forge lasting connections with clients. I pride myself on going above and beyond to exceed expectations.

By consistently exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional results, I have fostered an impressive track record of customer loyalty and trust.With a remarkable journey spanning over four years, I have consistently demonstrated my commitment to excellence and passion for driving business growth.


Amber Coombes

Compliance Process Manager

Amber 1

I am Amber, I am the Process Compliance Manager for Advantage NRG. I not only ensure that the company meets its strategic objectives through performance management, but I also have the privilege of being an integral part of the recruitment department. One of my key responsibilities is serving as the main point of contact for visa applications and assisting our employees to achieve their goals of Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. This allows me to help facilitate the process of bringing in new lineworkers from around the world, contributing to our diverse workforce and bringing a wealth of different perspectives/experiences to our Team.


Claire Griffiths

Assistant General Manager


I am Claire, I am the Assistant General Manager and I work closely with the General Manager to oversee daily operations and to provide support to all aspects of the Company. 

I take pride in building a strong rapport with Clients and Suppliers, as it lays the foundation for a successful partnership. By establishing open lines of communication and understanding each other's needs, we can work together to build a bright future. 



Lee Heslop

Operations Manager


I am Lee, and I am the Operations Manager for Advantage NRG. I am responsible for managing all aspects of our Projects; from the initial planning stages with our Clients, right through to the Project completion. 

With our team's extensive experience and expertise, I am confident in creating gang structures that not only meet but surpass the expectations of our clients. We take pride in delivering results that go above and beyond what is anticipated. Our approach is rooted in open communication and collaboration with our clients, ensuring that we fully understand their needs and desires.



Steve Smith

SHEQS Manager


I am Steve, and I am the SHEQs Manager at Advantage NRG. My primary focus is the health, safety and well-being of our workforce. Safety, health, quality, sustainability and the environment are all core elements of our management systems here, I take pride in managing these core fundamentals, working with our staff to deliver our services to the highest of standards.

At Advantage NRG we take a proactive approach by implementing strategies for continuous improvement. We are a learning organisation that effectively and continually reviews our performance.

We alway achieve great results delivering our services on behalf of our customers. Essential to this achievement are our rigorous training and competency programmes we have developed. These are designed to bring our new overseas linesmen up to the highest standards of industry safe working methods and practices, and also continuously develop the skills of our existing staff . I take great pride in seeing our workforce deliver great results and the incredible skills they have developed, particularly with the support and proactivity of our incredible Supervisors.



Natalie Savage

Safety Officer

 Natalie Savage

  • I am Natalie, I am the Safety Officer for Advantage NRG. My role is to promote a culture of safety and actively identify potential hazards. I assist the SHEQs Manager in ensuring that all employees on site receive proper training and authorisations for their specific tasks.


Carly Cunninghame

Office Manager


  • I am Carly and I am the Office Manager for Advantage NRG. My primary role is to oversee and coordinate daily operations, whilst working closely with all departments to provide management support and ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. Being in this position requires me to have a strong dynamic with my team of administrators, ensuring that tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. I take great pride in creating a positive and happy work environment, motivating my team to excel at their responsibilities. 

Alice Patterson

Office Administrator


  • I am Alice and I am part of the administration team at Advantage NRG. I am responsible for providing support to all areas of the Company and working together as a Team to meet our goals and objectives. I take pride in creating a positive work environment where everyone feels happy and motivated. 

Helen Tune

Human Resource Coordinator


  • I am Helen and I am the HR Coordinator for Advantage NRG. I am responsible for overseeing all HR tasks and ensuring that our employees have a positive experience throughout their journey with us. As the Mental First Aider for Advantage, I take pride in being able to support and guide all employees. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is witnessing the growth and success of our employees as they navigate their journey with us and knowing that I have contributed to building a strong and dynamic workforce. 

Rolly Magtoto

Technical Support


I am Rolly and I am the Technical Support for Advantage NRG. I have worked for the Company for over 10 years as a Linesworker/Chargehand. I thoroughly enjoy working as a mentor and teaching new employees that join our Company. It brings me great joy to be able to pass on my knowledge and experience to new employees, whilst also seeing them develop and grow their skills. 

Lee Hussain

Site Supervisor

  • I am Lee and I am one of the Site Supervisors. I act as a main point of contact for all Projects and assisting the Operations Manager to ensure the smooth running of Projects. 

    Being a Site Supervisor allows me to not only oversee the projects but also to be actively involved in the day-to-day operations.

Mark Contayoso

Site Supervisor


  • I am Mark and I am one of the Site Supervisors. I take pride in being one of the  main points of contacts for Projects and I assist my colleagues with any on-site queries that they may have whilst working away. I also conduct regular competency audits and inspections to ensure that everyone on site has the required skills and knowledge for their tasks. My excellent communication skills allow me to effectively convey information between the management team and the office, ensuring seamless coordination and smooth operations.

Sophie Houghton

Office Administrator

Sophie Houghton

  • I am Sophie and I am part of the administration team at Advantage NRG. I provide support to all areas of the Company and I particularly enjoy getting involved with the Recruitment Department to arrange interviews and applications for new employees. 

John-Mark Balane

Site Supervisor

  • I am John-Mark Balane and I have worked as a Lineworker/Chargehand for over 10 years with Advantage NRG, I have recently taken on additional responsibilities and have been promoted to Site Supervisor. I am proud to say that I have built a strong working relationship with my colleagues and I am excited for my future opportunities with Advantage.

James Penketh

Site Supervisor

  • I am James and I am the Fleet Administrator for Advantage NRG. I am responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of our Fleet. With a keen eye for detail, I ensure that all vehicles are well-maintained and running smoothly to support our employees in their daily operations. From scheduling routine maintenance to coordinating repairs, my role involves making sure that our fleet remains reliable and efficient. By providing timely support to our employees while they are on site, I contribute to the seamless execution of their tasks.

Franchesca Dela Cruz

Family Liaison Officer

  • I am Franchesca, however people usually call me Chesca! I am the Family Liaison Officer for Advantage NRG. My ultimate aim is to not only provide answers to any queries but also create a joyful and supportive environment for employees and their loved ones. I believe that fostering strong relationships within the workplace contributes to a positive work culture and ensures that each member has a sense of belonging and unity.

Sunshine Austria

Administration Assistant

  • I am Sunshine, but most people call me Shine! As a member of the Administration team in the Philippines, my responsibilities extend beyond organising and storing information. I also play a crucial role in supporting all departments within the organisation. One aspect of my job that brings me immense joy is getting to know and build relationships with new starters. It is truly rewarding to assist these newcomers in finding their place within our close-knit work family.

Ethan Whitelegg

Office Junior

  • Ethan
  • I am Ethan and I am part of the administration team. I am responsible for helping the smooth running of the business by ensuring filing and documentation is kept up to date. .


Office Dog


Lola is our office dog who provides comfort and cuddles! She currently works part-time on Mondays and Fridays; on the other days of the week she provides support and therapy to children at a local school in Skelmersdale.