Meet The Team

Meet our exceptionally talented Management and Office Team...

Nick Adams

Managing Director of Advantage NRG

nick 1

Advantage NRG is a family, and Nick is our Father! As Managing Director, he is responsible for the strategic development of the company, it's robustness as a business and it's standing within our industry. All of those daily requirements are hugely important to the success of the business, but the responsibility he holds at the forefront of everything is that of the well being and individual professional development of each and every member of the NRG clan. Without our amazing team, none of our success would be possible, so safety and welfare are always paramount for Boss Nick

Peter Dolan

General Manager


Peter is the General Manager for Advantage NRG, he first started as a linesman in 2012 with four other men and has progressed through the company to his present position. He currently works closely with the clientele, monitors deployment to project and supervises the progression and recruitment of the office team. Peter most enjoys the Family Feel that Advantage has with its office and site staff.

Marcus White

Operations Manager


Marcus is the Operations Manager; who has worked for Advantage NRG since 2017, he works closely with clients and the office team to ensure a smooth deployment to project and the ongoing productivity of NRG’s skilled workforce. 

Marcus personally enjoys the challenge of mobilising a large workforce for big projects and seeing the difference that our employment has on the lives of so many of the team.

Amber Coombes

Compliance Process Manager

Amber 1

Amber is our Process Compliance Manager who has worked for Advantage NRG for over 6 years. 

She is responsible for keeping track of KPI records to ensure that NRG are meeting their strategic objectives against their performance. She works in a close proximity to the Payroll department and assists them with payslips and timesheets. She is one of the main points of contact for visa applications, including new applications, extensions and through to ILR if that is the individual's wish. 

Amber most enjoys being involved in sourcing and recruiting members of staff from overseas and in the UK, then supporting them throughout their employment. 

Steve Smith

SHEQS Manager


Steve is the SHEQ Manager, who has worked for Advantage NRG for almost 4 years. He looks after all aspects of Health and Safety throughout the company and deals with safety issues proactively, implementing strategies for improvement. 

His most memorable project so far has been Fort William in 2018; as he got to witness all the Linesmen that he had trained when they first arrived in the UK from the Philippines, he took great pride in seeing how far they had come and how much their skills had developed.

Lee Heslop

Project Manager


Lee has worked as one of our Site Supervisors for 4 years and has recently been promoted to Project Manager. He oversees all projects in the UK - including monitoring their progress, employees and resources. Lee supports the Operations Manager with authorisations and gang structures; ensuring each team member is competent to meet the clients requirements for specific tasks.

Over the years he has gained an excellent working-relationship with our employees and is one of the main points of contact for any site-related queries. His positive attitude gives him the ability to communicate well and motivate our employees whilst they are working away.

His favourite project was training employees up for a full-wiring project at SWS in Scotland and is looking forward to what 2022 has to bring to Advantage NRG.

Claire Griffiths

Office Manager


Claire is the Office Manager, who has worked at Advantage for almost 3 years. She has a strong background in PPE; with over 15 years experience and 10 years in management. She works closely with Peter; overseeing office operations, purchasing and monitoring PPE and fall arrest equipment, booking transport, accommodation and  training; sharing employee competency evidence with the client.

Claire takes pride in the rapport that she has built with the employees at site and maintaining a bond with them, she deals with any queries that they may have and likes to think that she makes a warm-welcoming environment when visiting or phoning Preston Office

Maria Scullion

HR Administrator

Marias Photo

Maria is our Human Resource Administrator who has worked for Advantage for almost 2 years, she has over 15 years experience and is CIPD Level 5 qualified. She is the point of contact for all employees should they need someone to confide in with personal or work-related concerns. 

Her main role is supporting the Management Team with all aspects of HR, including; employee engagement, absence management, disciplinary issues, welfare calls, company inductions, contract renewals and probationary periods. 

Maria most enjoys engaging with all of the workforce and her bubbly personality makes new starters feel welcomed when she presents the company induction at Preston Office.

Carly Cunninghame

Senior Office Administrator


Carly is one of our newest members and started earlier this year. She is the Senior Office Administrator and undertakes general administrative duties for all departments; working closely with Training, Safety and Human Resources. She monitors hazard reports, processes site audits and certificates and keeps track of upcoming inspections. Carly’s favourite thing about working for NRG is that no-day is the same and she gets to complete a variety of tasks with a strong office team.


Office Dog


Lola is our office dog who provides comfort and cuddles! She currently works part-time on Mondays and Fridays; on the other days of the week she provides support and therapy to children at a local school in Skelmersdale.